Mum and baby yoga

The benefits of Mum and Baby Yoga Classes

  • Helps recondition the body after pregnancy 
  • Strengthens the core muscles and improves posture 
  • Provides a nurturing space for both mum and baby to relax and bond together 

The classes are suitable from birth to crawling.

"This happy and relaxing class is an essential part of our week. The baby might enjoy the lively songs one week and the calming elements the next, but there was always a part that she really liked. It’s a sociable class, a friendly atmosphere engendered by Tara the teacher. Rose always comes away happy, hungry and ready for a calming sleep." (Tara McDermott and Rose Holt)

"Beau loves seeing and meeting all the other babies - and I love having the time on my own with her - and I enjoy the after-class coffee with the mums!" (Sheila and Beau)

More Information

Please contact Tara on 07821 607505 or email us using our contact page.