What is this Yoga all about then?

Everything you needed to know about starting Yoga from our very own Mandy Mills...

Calming the 'monkey mind'

Ever listened to your thoughts all vying for your attention, never ending mental to do lists, shopping lists, bills to pay, people to see, jobs to do, it goes on and on. By having this constant internal chatter we find it really hard to wind down, find clarity and switch off, does that sound familiar? Well its the same for everyone and in yoga we refer to it as the 'monkey mind', constant chattering in the head and never really being able to completely relax.

It's not just about stretching

This is where a regular yoga practice helps you to do just that. Yoga's magic isn't really all that magic at all, its simply learning breathing techniques, learning to stretch your body, release tension, build strength and learn postures that allow you to make way for an exquisite quietening of the mind, and transforming the busy mind to a peaceful and serene state of mind. A wonderful side effect of a relaxed mind state is better decision making, being able to reason and be rational, these natural states of mind are taken away from us when we are hyper stressed out.

Build a better mind and body connection

It doesn't just end there folks, oh no, you'll also experience your mind and body connection which over time will become harmonised so your physical body functions better, your mind is quieter and you feel in harmony, simply put, you will feel more whole. It doesn't matter whether your practice is a gentle Hatha flow class or a more dynamic Vinyasa flow class, you'll still receive the same benefits.

Benefits that last a lifetime

You'll feel the benefits of yoga almost immediately and they will become long lasting and transformational. You'll build a strong and flexible physical body and the same benefits of strength and flexibility will happen in the mind as well. You'll learn to let go of what is not important and learn to embrace what is important. You'll accept what you can't change and what you can change, yes, yoga really does that too!

Breathe easy

If that's not enough to get you coming along to your next class, did you know that most of the time we don't breathe properly, we don't breathe efficiently and yes you guessed it, yoga helps you with that too. By learning to breathe optimally, your health and wellbeing will improve, your bodily organs will work more efficiently and you'll balance out any areas of the body that are suffering with stagnation or over stimulation.

Yoga is for everyone

Another secret not many people know... anyone can do it! From toddlers, to footballers, to runners, to couch potatoes, to people in their 90's and beyond. Yoga really is for everyone, yoga is totally inclusive, you can come from any background, you can worship any religion, you can have a flexible body or not have a flexible body, its really for everyone! Your body and mind will become more flexible and with that your self esteem will improve and every organ in your body will be working as it should, there is no magic, its just becoming more aware and connected.

Yoga means 'union'

By practicing yoga, you'll learn it is not just an exercise class, it’s about building a healthy lifestyle. Yoga means 'union' and you will learn to unite your mind, with your body and also your soul. Yoga brings focus, peace, clarity and gives you the tools to find the calm in the chaos of life. What you learn about yourself on the yoga mat, you'll take off the mat and into your life. Personally, for me, yoga has totally transformed my life, my body and my health, I am very passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga. Hatha Flow classes start on Monday 4th April at 7.30, where I will navigate you through a gentle to moderate flow of yoga postures, to build strength, increase flexibility and release tension from tired or aching muscles, guide you through breathing techniques to allow you to breath optimally and allow you to completely unwind from tension and bring harmony back into your mind and body. I look forward to seeing you!