31/08/15 - Rawnak’s biog on yoga and faith

A big thanks to regular student Rawnak for this great blog about how yoga has helped her...

Having attended Tara’s yoga sessions for about five years now, I know what to expect after one of her Tuesday sessions; a feeling of calmness, a great release of tension and nicely stretched muscles. To put it metaphorically, on my way home from her class I feel like a floating cloud with a real feeling of ease and satisfaction. I crave this feeling during the week and this is what has brought me back each time.

As well as being a yoga lover, I am a practising Muslim. Doing yoga, has reminded me about an essential part of my religion. For me, Islam is about seeking closeness to God to increase my faith to ultimately find inner peace. It is also about releasing the tensions brought on by day-to-day challenges because of that faith. I do thankfully have a few opportunities each day to sit down on a prayer mat, give thanks and find peace when remembering my creator. I do admit however, that the focus required to reach this inner peace is sometimes lacking. Perhaps because I forget to breathe deeply, take my time to recite the appropriate recitation with the corresponding posture. When performed properly, it does give me a real calmness and a real spring in my step.

Yoga has taught me focus my energy, as I hold postures whilst breathing deeply into different areas of the body. I try to remind myself to do this during my daily prayers to reach that peaceful state. I also try and remember the breathing techniques I have learnt at the classes when I feel any anxiety throughout the day, or when I realise I have tension in certain parts of my body that might have been affecting my mood.

After five years of yoga, you’d think that I’d have mastered the challenging balances but I’m not quite there yet. Regardless, it has taught me to breathe deeply and seek out opportunities to focus my energy to find that inner peace. I have even started attending the occasional level 3 class on a Wednesday, when I am feeling up to the challenge and want to push myself mentally and physically.

Thank you, Rawnak!