05/10/14 - Why I started yoga

A big thanks to Sarah, who attends our Didsbury classes, for the following blog piece.

I started yoga because I felt like I didn't really get any respite from work or the other activities I do. I also found it very difficult to relax and switch off so I decided to come to yoga.

I look forward to yoga every week with you as it's always fun, relaxing and even if I'm really tired I feel a hundred times better after.

Every now and then I suffer from extreme anxiety which I struggle to cope with. The last few months have been particularly hard and yoga is one of the only things that has actually helped me to calm myself down, relax and recuperate.

I love coming to your sessions because I feel like it doesn't matter what level you are, you're always guiding and helping us and its lovely that you offer your own experiences and tell us about your own journey. I'd like to do more yoga but some times this is difficult as I had chronic fatigue syndrome several years ago and still suffer from it to some extent.

I definitely notice when I miss a yoga session. If I was fully fit I'd like to train to be an instructor. I've been to lots of other yoga sessions but I can whole-heartedly say that yours is my favourite! On another note, through yoga I've met my boyfriend Paul and I don't think I would have met anyone like him in other environments; someone who I feel very well matched to and can enjoy yoga with, so I consider myself very lucky to have found him. Although I do get headstand envy!