25/10/13: The Benefits Of Yoga For Me

Big thanks to Laura from Didsbury, regular attendee of our Monday night class, for this blog on what yoga means to her...

When I go to yoga it is time that is just for me. 

I can step out of the roles that I am required to fill at home and at work and just be me. 

Going to yoga once or twice a week allows me to send an important message to myself – that I do have time for myself, even when sometimes it feels like there are not enough hours in the week. 

Yoga has allowed me to develop greater awareness, not only of my body, but also of my mind. Focusing my mind on my body allows me to be more aware of the thoughts that are constantly coming into my mind. 

With time and practice, it has been possible for me to relate to my thoughts in a different way - as just thoughts which may or may not be important but which do not necessarily need my attention right now. 

Over the course of a yoga session and afterwards, I find that worries which seemed terribly important and perhaps overwhelming earlier in the day seem much more manageable. 

The learning that you can do in yoga classes can extend into other areas of your life as well. For example, if you learn new ways of relating to your thoughts in classes, you can apply this whilst at work or at home.

Laura, 30, Didsbury